Zinwell is specialized in designing and manufacturing of RF products that include LNBs, Multi-switches, and VSAT. For LNB business, Zinwell is a pioneer to develop LNBs and validate with dish antennas in Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) Lab for the worldwide market. We are always pursuing modern technology; for example, dCSS LNB is the latest development of Zinwell. The dCSS LNBF can significantly reduce cost and complexity of installation. With the highest quality, Zinwell's LNBs and Multi-switches have been adapted by most of Tier-1 DTH operators around the world.

Zinwell has been developing dCSS LNB with GPS function integrated. The LNB provides most accurate service installation, subscriber equipment tracking, and content geo-locking to prevent redistribution of content to non-subscriber. Also, positioning and weather information allow MSOs to inform targeted customers regarding potential rain fade in advance. It brings more conveniently and cost-effectively track the location for operators to deliver personalized service. 

Zinwell VSAT technology is also a perfect solution for two-way satellite communication system in the global market. To fulfill customers' needs, Zinwell has high production volume capability and flexibility. DTH operators will enjoy benefits by adapting RF products from Zinwell.

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