• 4K+OTT SoundBox

    Bring you enjoy unlimited visual & acoustic entertainment from broadcast & internet

  • LTE Adapter

    An LTE Wi-Fi hotspot solution which gives you internet access through most up-to-date technology


    The new MoCA 2.5 with a fascinating superb speed (2.5 Gbps) brings you to experience future network

  • ISDB-T Modulator

    ISDB-T Modulator is a solution that converts HDMI input video signal into ISDB-T RF signal, and distribute to unlimited ISDB-T TV sets via coaxial cables.



Zinwell is specialized in designing and manufacturing of RF products that include LNBs, Multi-switches, and VSAT. We are always pursuing modern technology.
In Headend System, Zinwell has several solutions for different scenarios: Digital Channel Filter, Fibre Termination Unit and ISDB-T/ DVB-T Modulator.
Including 11a/b/g/n/ac MIMO 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band, Tri-Band for Wi-Fi Mesh, Zinwell also develops AirPHY for Multi-Gbps short-range wireless connectivity.

Zinwell’s SAT>IP Server and client box could distribute live satellite content via IP networks to TV or mobile devices to fulfill the satellite ecosystem worldwide.
Zinwell proposes 4K SoundBox with IP/OTT + VOD + Karaoke to enhance IPTV/OTT service plus Karaoke function.Zinwell’s MoCA/ PLC/ LTE provide solutions for network through home’s existing Power lines, Coaxial cables or LTE signals.