Zinwell proposes 4K SoundBox with IP/OTT + VOD + Karaoke to enhance IPTV/OTT service plus Karaoke function to enjoy experience depth and dimension to users favorite TV, movies and music also experience lifelike audio. 
  • Support AOSP platform or Vewd browser on Linux
  • 4K x 2K P60 10-bit native decode and display video resolution support
  • Built in far field voice recognition
  • Karaoke function: key adjust, echo adjust, dual MIC, vocal cancel
  • Powerful 2.1 channel speakers with TFAT & SDT technologies
  • Optional and customized features 

TFAT can optimize sound effects by using innovative materials which can change the physical parameters to control the reflection, absorbency and other aspects of sound.

SDT lets speaker in ultra slim but maintains stability in big power. Speaker becomes more powerful and stable.