dCSS GPS LNB is a digital LNB build-in with a GPS receiver enabling operators to better track the device location and validate subscriber's location to prevent redistribution of content to nonsubscribers outside the defined region.


Key features

  • Output covering the 250 to 2350 MHz frequency range stacked on a single coaxial cable distribution.
  • Support dynamic mode (DiSEqC) and static mode (Non-DiSEqC).
  • Support accurate real-time positioning.
  • Support legacy STB with DiSEqC 1.x. No need to change H/W or S/W of STB just need to scan the transponder as usual.
  • GPS LNB will automatically judge within or out of pre-defined region and turn ON/OFF UB output.
  • Support tone burst GPS LNB for indicating when UB OFF is caused by weak signal or out of region.

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