In Head-End System, Zinwell has several solutions for different applications and scenarios as below:

Digital Channel Filter - Zinwell’s Digital Channel Filter is an all-in-one programmable terrestrial TV signal booster, filter, combiner, channel converter, equalizer, and amplifier. It is suitable for collective antenna application where terrestrial TV signals can be selected, processed, filtered, combined, equalized, and amplified at once.

Fibre Termination Unit – Our Fibre Termination Unit converts optical signals to RF signals with 1 Optical input, 3 Unicable(dCSS) output and 1 Terrestrial output. With its dCSS channel stacking technology, multiple channels are transmitted on the output port via single cable. It can make your system more simple, cost reduction, and high quality.

ISDB-T/DVB-T Modulator - A simple and elegant solution for your hospitality or condominium TV project. Our Modulator can convert multiple HDMI sources into a single RF output to be distributed in your coax network. Compact in size, easy to setup, excellent in modulation quality and very stable in performance.

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